Table 2.

Creating a strong community of nephrologists

Sharing best practices for the care of patient problems and managing practicesSocial media platforms, such as the ASN Community ForumsSharing protocols for the management of immunosuppression for patients with lupus nephritis
Development of practice-based research networks to conduct research on processes and outcomes of careDevelopment of pragmatic trial networks of existing nephrology practices that share data on processes of care and outcomesDevelopment of networks of 50–100 practices that work together to study practice, especially in areas where no consensus best practice may exist
Networking opportunities to link nephrologists so that questions can be answered and develop support networksSocial media platforms, such as the ASN Community Forum, facilitated networking at regional and national meetingsDevelopment of peer to peer interactions that support one another in clinical practice
  • ASN, American Society of Nephrology.