Table 1.

Characteristics of 88,209 deceased donors, 2000–2015

N (%)88,209 (100.0)80,584 (91.4)7625 (8.6)
 Age, yra37±1636±1547±16
 Body mass index, kg/m2a27±627±628±6
 Death due to CVAa343349
 History of diabetesa6513
 History of hypertensiona252346
 Blood type
 History of cancera324
Social history
 Smoked >20 cigarette packs/yra272638
 History of IV drug usea0.40.40.8
 History of drug use (non-IV)b363634
 History of alcoholisma181821
 PHS-IR (formerly CDC high risk)a121115
Organ quality donor
 Kidney Donor Risk Indexa1.12±0.391.18±0.371.55±0.47
 Kidney Donor Profile Index, %a,c44±2842±2767±25
 Terminal creatinine, mg/dla1.14±1.041.12±0.851.32±2.09
 HCV positivea3213
 Clinical infection484849
 Donation after cardiac deatha111015
Partner kidney discard reason
 Extended ischemia6
 Organ damage11
 Anatomic abnormality14
 Poor function12
 Donor history7
 Biopsy findings22
 No recipient located13
  • Data are displayed as column % or mean±SD. CVA, cerebrovascular accident; IV, intravenous; PHS-IR, Public Health Service Increased Risk CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; HCV, hepatitis C virus; —, not applicable.

  • a P<0.001 for comparison between bilateral and unilateral donors.

  • b P<0.05 for comparison between bilateral and unilateral donors.

  • c KDPI is calculated using the scaling factor for 2015.