Table 2.

Characteristics of unilateral and bilateral recipients (n=168,793), 2000–2015

N (%)168,793 (100.0)161,168 (95.5)7625 (4.5)
Recipient characteristics
 Age at transplant, yr50±1649±1656±13
 Body mass index, kg/m227±627±628±6
 History of hypertension838386
 History of diabetes363639
 Previous kidney transplant131310
 Panel-reactive antibody status (≥80%)775
Transplant characteristics
 No. of HLA mismatches 3.8±1.83.8±1.84.1±1.6
 Zero antigen HLA mismatches12127
 Organ perfused262535
 Cold-ischemia time, h18±918±920±10
 Nonlocal kidney donor242341
 Delayed graft function242335
 Primary nonfunction0.50.41
 Death-censored graft failure181722
 Death with a functioning graft181821
  • Data are displayed as column % or mean±SD. P<0.001 for all comparisons between bilateral and unilateral recipients.