Table 4.

Kidney graft survival rates for unilateral and bilateral donor type transplants stratified by Kidney Donor Profile Index (adult single organ transplant recipients from 2000 to 2015 only)

KDPI, %Observed Single Kidney Graft Survival Rates, %Leading Reason for Unilateral Partner Kidney Discard
1 yr2 yr3 yr5 yr
510093808978857875Tie: Organ damage; anatomic abnormality; donor history23
108294769069866476Organ damage37
208895879186877678Organ damage38
309393898983845574Tie: Donor history; other20
408693858977845970Organ damage24
509192808673815970Tie: No recipient located; other18
609089848379786766Biopsy findings21
708988888285756861Biopsy findings29
808487748167745061Biopsy findings21
908483787770725356Biopsy findings32
958686767867694750Biopsy findings31
996980626952623643Biopsy findings25
  • Kidney Donor Profile Index (KDPI) is calculated using the scaling factor for 2015.