Table 4.

Multivariable Cox regression models for 6-mo outcomes among 472 patients with cirrhosis initiated on RRT for AKI

ModelHazard Ratio95% CIP Value
A. Not listed for liver transplant, death by 6 mo
 Hepatorenal syndromea0.81(0.59 to 1.11)0.19
 Age (per 10 yr)1.17(1.06 to 1.28)0.001
 MELD score (per 5 points)1.28(1.19 to 1.37)<0.001
 Initial renal replacement: CVVHb1.63(1.28 to 2.08)<0.001
B. Listed for liver transplant, death by 6 mo
 Hepatorenal syndromea0.73(0.44 to 1.19)0.21
 Age (per 10 yr)1.05(0.81 to 1.36)0.71
 MELD score (per 5 points)0.88(0.73 to 1.07)0.21
 Initial renal replacement: CVVHb1.95(1.19 to 3.19)<0.01
C. Listed for liver transplant, death or transplant by 6 mo
 Hepatorenal syndromea0.93(0.64 to 1.35)0.70
 Age (per 10 yr)1.22(1.00 to 1.50)0.05
 MELD score (per 5 points)1.25(1.07 to 1.46)<0.01
 Initial renal replacement: CVVHb2.58(1.72 to 3.87)<0.001
  • 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; MELD, Model for End-Stage Liver Disease; CVVH, continuous veno-venous hemofiltration.

  • a Reference group: acute tubular necrosis.

  • b Reference group: initial renal replacement: hemodialysis.