Table 3.

Multivariable Cox regression model for 6-mo mortality among 472 patients with cirrhosis initiated on RRT for AKI

VariableWald Chi Square ScoreHazard Ratio95% CIP Value
Not listed for liver transplant48.42.67(2.02 to 3.51)<0.001
MELD score (per five points)28.71.20(1.12 to 1.29)<0.001
Age (per 10 yr)17.41.21(1.11 to 1.33)<0.001
Admission to the intensive care unit13.11.99(1.37 to 1.68)<0.001
Serum ALT (per 100 U/L)12.81.03(1.02 to 1.05)<0.001
Mechanical ventilation5.11.32(1.04 to 1.67)0.02
Initial renal replacement: CVVH3.91.25(1.00 to 1.57)0.05
  • Twenty candidate variables from key demographics and a univariate screen of significant univariate associations with 6-mo mortality were entered into a stepwise selection algorithm for this Cox regression. Variables were entered in the model if P<0.10 and were retained in the final model if P<0.05. 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; MELD, Model for End-Stage Liver Disease; ALT, alanine aminotransferase; CVVH, continuous veno-venous hemofiltration.