Table 3.

Patient preferences for home dialysis (HD and PD) compared with in-center dialysis

Attributes for Home Dialysis (HD and PD)βOR (95% CI)P Value
Treatment attributes (random parameters)
Out of pocket cost (per extra $)−0.020.98 (0.97 to 0.99)0.003
Life expectancy (per extra year)0.491.63 (1.25 to 2.12)<0.001
Flexibility of treatments (per unit increase in flexibility: hard to change, sometimes possible to change, or easy to change)2.229.22 (2.71 to 31.3)<0.001
How well you feel on dialysis (per unit improvement)a5.35210 (15.0 to 2489)<0.001
Availability of transport (versus all transport provided)
 Respondents living <100 km from nearest dialysis center
  Transport sometimes provided−0.860.42 (0.05 to 3.24)0.40
  Transport never provided−1.610.20 (0.02 to 1.59)0.10
 Respondents living >100 km from nearest dialysis center
  Transport sometimes provided3.2024.5 (0.85 to 706)0.06
  Transport never provided−3.820.02 (0.001 to 0.48)0.02
Availability of nurse support (versus nurse present during each dialysis session)
 Minimal nurse support (telephone only 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)1.645.18 (0.42 to 63.3)0.20
 Limited nurse support (24-h phone support and scheduled home visits)−4.270.01 (<0.01 to 3.28)0.10
 Unlimited nurse support (24-h phone support and as many home visits as requested)4.4787.30 (3.78 to 2014)<0.01
Treatment time (versus during day only)
 During day/evening4.4989.01 (6.51 to 1217)<0.001
 Only overnight−5.83<0.01 (<0.01 to 0.09)<0.001
  • OR>1 favors home hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. Mixed logit model (n=143). Log likelihood of −936.77768. Akaike Information Criterion n=1.188. McFadden pseudo-R2 =0.496. HD, hemodialysis; PD, peritoneal dialysis; OR, odds ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.

  • a From worse than now to same as now and from same as now to better than now.