Table 3.

Time to fistula creation, time to first fistula use, and days of catheter-free fistula use during the first year of hemodialysis

VariablePre–Vascular Access Team (2004–2005)Early Vascular Access Team (2006–2008)Late Vascular Access Team (2009–2011)P Value
Days from dialysis start to creationa89 (67–127)75 (37–119)58 (26–112)0.04
Days from fistula creation to first useb120 (90–235)203 (113–377)189 (117–331)<0.001
Days of catheter-free usec96 (0–293)43 (0–249)86 (0–248)0.71
Days of follow-up timec325 (13–365)336 (6–365)340 (20–365)0.85
  • Summary measures are medians and interquartile ranges.

  • a Analysis restricted to those who received the fistula after hemodialysis start (n=235).

  • b Analysis restricted to those who used their fistula (n=311).

  • c Time from fistula creation attempt date (or dialysis start date in the case of predialysis attempts; n=437) to end of year 1 (or earlier if follow-up was for <1 yr due to death, transfer out of the program, recovery of kidney function, receipt of a kidney transplant, or transfer to peritoneal dialysis).