Table 4.

Characteristics of adult patients ages 18–69 years old with ≥10 years of dialysis exposure who have never been waitlisted and never received a transplant (n=22,169)

CharacteristicAll Patients,an=22,169Patients with Diabetes as Cause of ESRD, n=6067Patients with Other Cause of ESRD, n=16,102P Value
Age at time of 10-yr dialysis anniversary, yr
 Median (quartile 1, quartile 3)56 (47, 63)61 (55, 66)53 (45, 61)<0.001
 White non-Hispanic251910<0.001
 White Hispanic131927
Comorbid conditionsb7
 Ischemic heart disease7134<0.001
 Cerebrovascular disease463<0.001
 Peripheral Vascular disease5122<0.001
  • Percentages are shown unless otherwise indicated.

  • a Cross-sectional analysis of data captured in the US Renal Data System on September 9, 2015.

  • b Comorbid conditions determined from the Medevid Form recorded at the start of first dialysis treatment.