Table 2.

Recommendations for implementing patient-reported outcome measures into routine patient care: The way forward

(1) Mandate that PROMs be incorporated into routine patient care, addressing some or all of the issues indicated in Table 1
(2) Leave the mode and frequency of administration (paper, electronic, CAT) and the instruments to be used to the discretion of the facility
(3) Encourage innovative approaches to the integration of PROMs into routine care given the lack of clear data on how PROMs should be incorporated into patient care and translated into improved patient experiences
(4) Explore the use of smartphones, tablets, and computers and the incorporation of PROM data into electronic health records
(5) Require that there be documentation that domains of individual patient concerns have been acknowledged and that a plan to address these concerns has been noted; plans could include addressing the problem using facility resources or making referrals to other health care providers or community resources
  • PROM, patient-reported outcome measure; CAT, computerized adaptive testing.