Table 2.

Comparison of incident proteinuria by APOL1 risk allele status in the African-American Study of Kidney Disease and Hypertension

ModelHazard Ratio for APOL1 High-Risk versus Low-Risk95% CIP Value
Unadjusted1.82(1.35 to 2.46)<0.01
Model 1: adjusted for sociodemographic factors1.80(1.33 to 2.43)<0.01
Model 2: model 1+clinical factors1.68(1.24 to 2.27)<0.01
Model 3: model 2+randomized treatment groups1.72(1.27 to 2.32)<0.01
  • Sociodemographic factors include age, sex, and percentage of European ancestry. Clinical factors include baseline eGFR and baseline systolic BP. Randomized treatment groups include BP drug and goal. APOL1 high-risk defined as having 2 risk alleles and low-risk defined as having 0–1 risk alleles. 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.