Table 2.

Change from baseline in vascular function according to treatment group

ParameterCalcitriol, n=57Cholecalciferol, n=58P Value
FMD, %
 End of study5.1±3.64.7±3.6
 Percentage change from baseline0.3±3.5−0.5±4.20.63
Brachial artery dilation to NTG, %
 End of study16.8±9.915.7±8.6
 Percentage change from baseline0.3±5.7−0.4±5.90.75
Systolic BP, mmHg
 End of study129.4±15.8130.1±12.3
 Percentage change from baseline−2.4±16.5−0.8±14.90.60
Diastolic BP, mmHg
 End of study78.0±12.078.5±11.2
 Percentage change from baseline−0.3±10.2−0.5±10.10.90
  • Values are expressed as mean change from baseline ±SD. FMD, flow-mediated dilation; NTG, nitroglycerin.