Table 1.

Patient characteristics stratified by tertiles of soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor concentration (picograms per milliliter) at baseline (study population n=1175)

CharacteristicsTertile 1 ≤9599 pg/ml, n=391Tertile 2 >9599 to ≤11,633 pg/ml, n=392Tertile 3 >11633 pg/ml, n=392P Valuea
Age, yr66±866±867±80.01
Men, %674946<0.001
Atorvastatin treatment, %4853480.34
Systolic BP, mmHg145±21147±21145±230.28
Diastolic BP, mmHg76±1177±1075±120.12
Body mass index, kg/m227.5±4.127.2±4.627.8±5.60.17
Duration of diabetes, yr18±919±818±80.52
Time on hemodialysis, mo8±78±78±70.76
Smoker, %88100.46
Vascular access, %<0.001
 AV fistula908478
 AV graft51012
 Central venous catheter5610
Coronary artery disease, %2833280.19
Congestive heart failure, %3037410.01
Peripheral vascular disease, %4146470.20
LDL cholesterol, mg/dl125±28128±32125±290.27
HDL cholesterol, mg/dl37±1337±1336±140.46
Hemoglobin, g/dl11.1±1.310.9±1.310.7±1.40.003
Albumin, g/dl3.90±0.33.82±0.33.74±0.3<0.001
CRP, μg/ml5.4 (0.2–109)5.8 (0.2–117)7.7 (0.2–237)<0.001
Phosphate, mg/dl5.9±1.56.0±1.56.2±1.80.04
Leukocyte count, ×109/L7.6±2.28.1±2.48.6±2.6<0.001
HbA1c, %6.7±1.36.8±1.26.6±1.20.22
ADMA, μmol/L0.8±0.10.9±0.20.9±0.2<0.001
Use of diuretics, %8079810.60
Use of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, %5149400.01
Use of antiplatelet treatment, %5251540.72
  • AV, arteriovenous; CRP, C-reactive protein; HbA1c, hemoglobin A1c; ADMA, asymmetric dimethyl arginine.

  • a P value of ANOVA F statistic (for continuous outcomes) or Pearson chi square statistic (for categorical outcomes).