Table 3.

Results of complement component assays and complement gene sequencing in patients with pregnancy-associated hemolytic uremic syndrome

VariableNumber (%)
C component assays
 Low serum C329 of 74 (39)a
 Low serum CFH8 of 54 (15)b
 Low serum FI5 of 43 (12)c
 Low serum FB0 of 45 (0)
 Low MCP expression on granulocytes6 of 39 (15)d
C and THBD genes sequencing (n=87)
 Number of patients with a variant detected49 (56)
  Isolated CFH variant26 (31)
  Isolated CFI variant8 (9)
  Isolated MCP variant3 (3)
  Isolated C3 variant3 (3)
  Isolated FB variant0 (0)
  Isolated THBD variant1 (1)
  Combined variants8 (9)
 No variant detected38 (44)
  • CFH, complement factor H; CFI, complement factor I; MCP, membrane cofactor protein; FB, factor B; THBD, thrombomodulin.

  • a 60% of patients with CFH or C3 variants had low serum C3 level.

  • b 32% of patients with CFH variant had low serum CFH level.

  • c 44% of patients with CFI variants had low serum CFI level.

  • d 100% of patients with MCP variants had low MCP expression on granulocytes.