Table 1.

Quality metrics currently used to assess providers for patients with ESRD

Dialysis CentersOrgan Procurement OrganizationsTransplant Centers
Patient satisfactionaStandardized donation rate ratiobTransplant ratec
Anemia managementbDonations per 100 eligible deathsbWaitlist mortalityc
Standardized transfusion ratioAdjusted organ yieldb1 yr Adjusted graft survivald
Standardized infection ratiobOrgan yield for researchb1 yr Adjusted patient survivald
Dialysis adequacybAdjusted organ yield by organb3 yr Adjusted graft survivald
Percentage of AV fistula utilizationbTransplanted organs stratified by donors after cardiac and brain deathb3 yr Adjusted patient survivald
Mineral and bone disordersb
Standardized hospitalization ratiob
Readmission rateb
Standardized mortality ratee
  • AV, arteriovenous.

  • a On the basis of survey periods and updated semiannually.

  • b On the basis of annual assessments.

  • c On the basis of 1 yr of patients on the waiting list at transplant centers.

  • d On the basis of a two and one half cohort of patients transplanted at centers.

  • e On the basis of a 3-yr assessment.