Table 1.

Primary and secondary outcomes assessed

Primary outcomes
 Incidence of CMV infection (on the basis of a positive blood CMV PCR or antigenemia pp65 or as defined in included trials)
 Incidence of BKPyV infection (on the basis of blood PCR >104 copies or urine PCR >107 copies or as defined in included trials) or a transplanted kidney biopsy typical of PyVAN
Secondary outcomes
 Composite of the incidence of acute cellular rejection, AMR, or development of DSAs
 Graft loss
 Incidence of serious adverse events
 Incidence of other viral, bacterial, or fungal infections
 Incidence of PyVAN as defined by kidney biopsy
 Incidence of CMV disease (retinitis, pneumonitis, hepatitis, or colitis)
 Incidence of proteinuria
 Incidence of wound-healing complications
 eGFR or creatinine clearance at study termination
  • CMV, cytomegalovirus; BKPyV, BK polyoma virus; PyVAN, polyoma virus–associated nephropathy; AMR, antibody-mediated rejection; DSA, donor-specific antibody.