Table 2.

Outcome of 87 patients with pregnancy-associated hemolytic uremic syndrome

OutcomeNumber (%)/Mean±SD
Duration of follow-up, yr (n=78)7.2±5.2
Patients who reached ESRDa41 (53)
ESRD within 3 mo of pregnancy HUS (n=78)25 (32)
Patients with an eGFR<60 ml/min per 1.73 m2 without ESRD15 (19)
Patients with an HUS relapse18 (28)
Relapse in the native kidneys8 of 62b (13)
 Number of relapses1.6±1.4
 Patients reaching ESRD after a relapse6 of 8 (75)
Relapse in the renal graft10 of 24 (42)
  • eGFR, GFR estimated using the MDRD formula; HUS, hemolytic uremic syndrome.

  • a Nine patients progressed to ESRD during follow-up without overt hemolytic and uremic syndrome relapse. The timing of ESRD is unknown in two patients.

  • b Number of patients who did not reach ESRD within 3 mo of pregnancy-associated HUS onset.