Table 1.

Participant characteristics according to baseline frailty status

CharacteristicEntire Cohort, n=762Frailty ScoreP Value
0, n=951, n=2112, n=2163, n=1544, n=735, n=13a
Age, yr57.2±14.252.1±12.654.2±13.856.9±14.360.9±14.463.7±13.564.2±8.3<0.001
Sex, % women40.732.637.941.237.760.361.50.003
Race, %0.23
Ethnicity, % Hispanic12.710.59.015.316.212.30.28
BMI, kg/m2a28.2±6.926.5±5.928.1±6.728.3±6.928.8±7.329.5±8.126.5±5.90.11
Diabetes, %53.431.646.456.561.769.9<0.001
ASHD, %<0.001
HF, %34.529.526.133.841.645.2<0.001
Dialyzing via catheter, %20.715.820.421.820.128.80.34
Albumin, g/dl4.0±0.44.1±0.34.0±0.34.0±0.33.9±0.43.8±0.43.7±0.4<0.001
  • —, National Institutes of Health policy prohibits providing specific count information when n<10. Although not all comorbid conditions are present in fewer than ten individuals in this group, for all conditions, either the number of individuals with or without the condition is less than ten.; BMI, body mass index; ASHD, atherosclerotic heart disease; HF, heart failure.