Table 2.

Patient characteristics after palliative care consultation by condition prompting palliative care consultation

CharacteristicCondition Prompting Palliative Care Consultation, % (n)P Value
Renal DiseaseOther Serious Illnessesa
Symptom improvement from first to second assessmentb
 Pain66.7 (38)76.6 (2056)0.90
 Anxiety92.0 (23)66.0 (819)<0.01
 Nausea71.4 (10)78.4 (462)0.50
 Dyspnea69.2 (9)68.0 (650)0.90
Family meetings0.66
 No meetings26.7 (249)25.1 (7025)
 One meeting45.3 (422)45.4 (12,678)
 Two or more meetings28.0 (261)29.5 (8251)
Discharged alive78.7 (821)77.4 (23,642)0.34
Referred to hospice30.7 (210)37.6 (7571)<0.001
  • a Other serious illnesses include cancer, heart disease, pulmonary disease, and neurologic disease.

  • b Includes patients reporting moderate to severe symptoms at first assessment who report improvement by at least one category at the second assessment that occurred within 72 hours of the first assessment.