Table 1.

Characteristics at the index visit of the 751 CKiD participants

CharacteristicsMedian (Interquartile Range) or % (n)
Age, yr12.4 (8.6–15.7)
Men61 (457)
White race65 (491)
Systolic or diastolic BP ≥95th percentilea15 (108)
Current ACE or ARB use56 (417)
eGFRb, ml/min per 1.73 m254.6 (39.5–71.8)
Glomerular CKD cause30 (228)
Age-sex–specific body mass index ≥95th percentilec17 (129)
Urine protein-to-creatinine, mg/mg0.32 (0.12–1.04)
Urine albumin-to-creatinine, mg/g112.0 (20.9–615.0)
Urine nonalbumin-to-creatinine, mg/g167.6 (75.0–400.7)
Urine albumin-to-protein, mg/mg0.44 (0.15–0.65)
  • n, number of participants.

  • a BP percentiles were determined using age/sex/height–specific values; missing for 33 participants.

  • b eGFR=0.413×(height [centimeters]/serum creatinine [milligrams per deciliter]).

  • c Body mass index percentiles were determined using age/sex–specific values; missing for 12 participants.