Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of recipients of diabetic donor kidneys versus nondiabetic kidneys versus candidates who were only on the waitlist

Baseline CharacteristicsDiabetic Donor Recipients n=8101Nondiabetic Donor Recipients n=126,560Waitlist Only n=302,958P Value
Recipient characteristics
 Median age, yr (IQR)55 (46–63)51 (40–59)51 (41–60)<0.001
 Men, %626159<0.001
 Ethnicity, %<0.001
 Cause of ESRD, %<0.001
  Glomerular disease151811
  Cystic disease9105
 Candidate diabetes, %393450<0.001
 Maximum PRA ≥30%, %141627<0.001
 Median dialysis vintage, d (IQR)327 (80–732)322 (91–730)271 (0–695)<0.001
 Prewaitlist dialysis, %777875<0.001
 Median waitlist time, d (IQR)675 (291–1184)600 (241–1121)758 (357–1364)<0.001
 Patients listed at a center with the longest tertile of median wait time, %292743<0.001
Donor characteristics
 Expanded criteria donor, %3916NA<0.001
 Median KDPI percentile (IQR)81 (62–92)44 (21–67)NA<0.001
 Donor hepatitis C positive, %23NA<0.001
 Median donor age, yr (IQR)51 (43–58)39 (23–51)NA<0.001
 Median donor body mass index, kg/m2 (IQR)30 (26–35)25 (22–29)NA<0.001
Transplant characteristics
 Zero HLA mismatch, %610NA<0.001
 Median cold ischemia time, h (IQR)18 (13–24)18 (12–24)NA<0.001
 Delayed graft function, %3024NA<0.001
  • IQR, Interquartile range; PRA, Panel reactive antibody; KDPI, Kidney Donor Profile Index.