Table 3.

Arteriovenous access proceduresa

Procedure TypeNumberMean95% CISDMedianChangebSignificancec, P Value
Arteriovenous proceduresa
 PTA (total)355,54167.960.4 to 74.011.671.247.7–80.3<0.001
  AVF PTA241,01941.127.9 to 49.316.346.813.3–58.6<0.001
  AVG PTA114,52226.823.9 to 29.14.924.435.2–21.7<0.001
 Throm (total)122,13832.125.0 to 36.711.528.852.3–19.7<0.001
  AVF Throm24,1674.74.0 to–5.80.004
  AVG Throm97,97127.419.8 to 31.812.323.049.8–14.0<0.001
 Total numbers
  PTA:Throm ratio2.51.6 to–4.1<0.001
  AVF procedures265,20145.833.2 to 54.617.152.616.8–63.3<0.001
  AVG procedures212,47854.244.0 to 60.04017.147.483.2–36.7<0.001
AVF proceduresd
 PTA241,01988.686.5 to 90.63.689.079.1–92.5<0.001
  Failure to maturee25,04112.610.0 to–7.10.01
  Success rate238,92798.598.0 to 99.00.998.696.7–99.60.95
  Procedure time, min24.320.3 to 27.26.425.435.5–15.90.002
  Complication rate42752.61.9 to–1.3<0.001
   Major8800.40.3 to–0.2<0.001
   Minor33952.21.4 to–1.0<0.001
 Throm24,16711.09.4 to 13.40.911.020.9–7.5<0.001
  Success rate21,07483.782.3 to 85.83.983.674.4–88.6<0.001
  Procedure time, min54.649.1 to 59.09.854.772.0–41.70.03
  Complication rate15337.16.0 to–12.2<0.001
   Major5842.42.1 to–0.1<0.001
   Minor9494.73.7 to–2.9<0.001
 PTA:Throm ratio
  Incidence rate8.56.7 to–12.4<0.001
  Procedure time0.40.4 to–0.4<0.001
  Complications (total)0.30.3 to–0.20.003
   Major0.20.1 to–0.2<0.001
   Minor0.40.4 to–0.3<0.001
AVG proceduresd
 PTA114,52251.947.4 to 54.66.452.140.0–59.7<0.001
  Success rate113,25998.998.5 to 99.90.799.097.2–99.6<0.001
  Procedure time, min17.915.7 to 19.63.717.825.9–13.3<0.001
  Complication rate11791.21.0 to–0.30.03
   Major2600.30.2 to–0.10.003
   Minor9190.90.7 to–0.20.01
 Throm97,97147.845.0 to–40.3<0.001
  Success rate89,56392.591.7 to 93.41.792.490.2–95.2<0.001
  Procedure time, min37.334.9 to 39.44.537.846.2–31.3<0.01
  Complication rate36784.33.4 to–2.5<0.001
   Major13161.41.2 to–0.9<0.001
   Minor23622.82.2 to–1.4<0.001
 PTA:Throm ratio
  Incidence1.10.9 to–1.50.002
  Procedure time0.50.5 to–0.4<0.001
  Complications0.30.2 to–0.70.14
   Major0.20.2 to–0.1<0.001
   Minor0.40.3 to–0.50.01
  • 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; PTA, angioplasty; AVF, arteriovenous fistula; AVG, arteriovenous graft; Throm, thrombectomy; —, not applicable.

  • a Arteriovenous procedures (AVF and AVG combined).

  • b Change indicates the range from beginning of 15-yr period to end.

  • c Signifinace represents a test of the trend over time as described under “Change.”

  • d All percentages relate to the access type, not total arteriovenous access.

  • e This percentage is included in the PTA percentage.