Table 2.

Classification of complications

Classification of ComplicationAction/Effect
SIR complication classification (13)
 Minor complicationNo therapy, no consequence
Nominal therapy, no consequence; includes overnight admission for observation only
 Major ComplicationsRequire therapy, minor hospitalization (<48 h)
Require major therapy, unplanned increase in level of care, prolonged hospitalization (<48 h)
Permanent adverse sequelae
Classification of venous rupture (14)
 Grade 1 ruptureDoes not interfere with flowa, size variable, requires no therapy, stablea
Minor complication (SIR)
 Grade 2 ruptureSlows or stops flowa, size variable, therapy required, stablea
Major complication (SIR)
 Grade 3 ruptureLarge extravasation, size variable, unstable, continues to expanda, pulsatile
Major complication (SIR)
  • SIR, Society of Interventional Radiology.

  • a Denotes defining features.