Table 1.

Characteristics of nursing home residents with ESRD, cancer, advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and advanced dementia in the year before death

CharacteristicESRD (n=30,716)Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy or Radiation (n=2286)Advanced COPD (n=17,560)Advanced Dementia (n=10,979)
Age, yr72±1279±1082±986±9
Time from nursing home admission, m7 (4, 11)8 (4, 11)9 (5, 12)11 (9, 12)
Women, %51606073
Race, %
Cancer receiving chemotherapy or radiation, %1100
Advanced COPD, %19231007
Advanced dementia, %25100
Impaired decision-making skills, %30354099
Activities of Daily Living scorea17±716±716±725±4
  • Continuous variables are presented as mean±SD, or median (interquartile range), as appropriate. Conditions were identified hierarchically, starting with ESRD, followed by cancer, dementia, and COPD. —, not applicable.

  • a The Activities of Daily Living score ranges from 0 to 28; higher scores indicate more functional limitations.