Table 5.

Distribution of reason categories among stratified patient characteristics in the sample with missing cognitive testing data (n=366)

CharacteristicLevel (Range)Reference
Age, yrComorbidity (CCI)Depression (HADS)Educationa
Low (≤57)Medium (57<yr<81)High (≥81)Low (≤4.3)Medium (4.3<CCI<8.7)High (≥8.7)Low (≤1.4)Medium (1.4<HADS<9.0)High (≥9.0)LowMediumHigh
Reason for missing data, %
 Visual impairment35515436515351504451484449
 Refused consent/lack of motivation39302641302238283223332831
 Motor condition1413101212157141512112213
 Did not follow instruction2510341025911435
 Language difficulties7106102211202
 Technical or medical incident4103102101131
λ (P value)0.01 (0.76)0.02 (0.68)0.00.0
  • CCI, Charlson Comorbidity Index; HADS, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale German Version, subscale depression.

  • a Education level range: low, without graduation; medium, middle school; high, high school diploma.