Table 2.

Reasons for Standardized Clinical Assessment and Management Plan deviation related to starting RRT

Reasons for DeviationN (%)
Reasons for not starting RRT when SCAMP recommended, n=105a
 Expected renal recovery50 (48)
 Futile21 (20)
 Could hasten demise8 (8)
 Not consistent with goals of care7 (7)
 Not recorded5 (5)
 Comfort measures only4 (4)
 Unclear goals of care3 (3)
 Otherb25 (24)
Reasons for starting RRT when not SCAMP recommended, n=8
 Anticipate worsening renal function6 (75)
 Volume overload3 (38)
 Hyperkalemia1 (13)
 Anticipation of tumor lysis syndrome and volume overload1 (13)
 Metabolic alkalosis1 (13)
  • Values represent N (%) unless otherwise stated. SCAMP, Standardized Clinical Assessment and Management Plan.

  • a Multiple selections were possible; therefore, the total number of deviations was greater than n=105.

  • b Examples include end stage liver disease, with intravenous sodium bicarbonate, bacteremia, line holiday, medical intensive care unit team did not perceive benefit, responding to small fluid boluses, and large intracranial bleed.