Table 3.

Causes of KDR per donor age decades

KDR and KDR causes50–59 yr (n=188), %60–69 yr (n=587), %70–79 yr (n=604), %≥80 yr (n=110), %Total (n=1489), %P Value
Organ recovered and transplanted84.681.878.151.879.4<0.001
Organ recovered but not transplanted (KDR)15.418.221.948.220.6<0.001
KDR causes
 Suspected donor neoplasia or other comorbidities02.
 Organ macroscopic appearance or anatomic anomalies4.87.210.3209.1<0.001
 Preimplantation kidney biopsy3.75.14.611.85.2<0.001
 Technical problems4.<0.001
 No available recipients2.<0.001
  • Percentages are calculated on the total amount of organ recovered. Preimplantation biopsy indicates Karpinsky score ≥7. Technical problem indicates prolonged cold ischemia time, procurement iatrogenic lesions, etc. Donor other comorbidities indicates hepatitis C serology positive, bacteremia, etc. KDR, kidney discard rate.