Table 8.

Antiviral treatment regimens by DOPPS phase (1996–2015)

Antiviral RegimenDOPPS Phasea
IFN only183785
Ribavirin only01131
IFN and ribavirin32859
Oral direct HCV inhibitor only1
Oral direct HCV inhibitor and IFN/ribavirin5
Total prescriptions216161621
  • Expressed as n treated at enrollment or during follow-up among HCV+ patients at enrollment; medications collected every 4 months in DOPPS phases 1, 3–5, and once yearly in DOPPS phase 2. DOPPS, Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns Study; —, oral direct HCV inhibitors not available; HCV, hepatitis C virus.

  • a DOPPS phase 1 (1996–2001 in the United States, 1998–2001 in Europe/Japan); phase 2 (2002–2004); phase 3 (2005–2008); phase 4 (2009–2011); phase 5 (2012–2015).