Table 4.

SAGN biopsies with trace or negative immunofluorescence staining for immunoreactants IgA, C3, IgG, or all three (pauci-immune pattern)

SAGN BiopsiesEndocarditis (n=18)Bacteremia of Unknown Source (n=10)Osteomyelitis, Septic Arthritis (n=17)Infected Skin Ulcers (n=17)Pneumonia (n=6)Others (n=10)Total (n=78), n (%)
Trace or negative IgA63432220 (25)
Trace or negative C311430211 (14)
Trace or negative IgG10311103946 (59)
“Pauci-immune pattern” (concomitantly trace or negative IgA, IgG, and C3, and few deposits on EM)11420210 (13)
Pauci-immune pattern and crescents1020036 of 10 (60)
  • SAGN, Staphylococcus infection–associated GN; EM, electron microscopic examination.