Table 2.

Encounter-level descriptive information for all emergency department visits in the CKD cohort (294,113 emergency department visits for 111,087 patients)

Encounter-level VariablesCKD Category
n=8653G5 (Nondialysis), n=1305G5 (Dialysis), n=1762
No. of ED visits162,80683,38431,461624510,217
No. of person-yr177,23266,98619,57428084168
Unadjusted rate per 1000 person-yr (95% CI)919 (914 to 923)1245 (1236 to 1253)1607 (1590 to 1625)2224 (2169 to 2280)2451 (2404 to 2499)
ED visits by discharge disposition,a %
ED visits by acuity level,a %
  • ED, emergency department; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.

  • a Where there was more one ED visit in a day, the one that was counted was the one rated with the highest acuity or the one with the most serious discharge disposition.