Table 2.

Histologic features in biopsies with SAGN (n=78)

Biopsy FeaturesSAGN (n=78)Primary IgAN (n=100)SAGN versus IgAN P Value (Chi Square)
Endocarditis (n=18)Bacteremia of Unknown Source (n=10)Osteomyelitis, Septic Arthritis (n=17)Infected Skin Ulcers (n=17)Pneumonia (n=6)Others (n=10)Total, n (%)
Biopsies with endocapillary hypercellularity12610114447 (60); (Diffuse in 26 of 47)10%<0.001
Biopsies with focal crescents/necrotizing lesions72724527 (35)20%0.03
Biopsies with FSGS0001102 (2.5)49%<0.001
Biopsies with subepithelial humps43472424 (31)0%<0.001
Patients with diabetes mellitus, n (%)3 (17)2 (20)10 (59)13 (76)1 (17)3 (30)32 (41)8%<0.001
Biopsies with nodular diabetic glomerulosclerosis (nodular mesangial expansion)02561216 (21)1%<0.001
  • Corresponding features in 100 biopsies of primary IgAN with P values are shown for comparison. Number of patients with diabetes mellitus and diabetic glomerulosclerosis are also shown. SAGN, Staphylococcus infection–associated GN; IgAN, IgA nephropathy.