Table 5.

Cause of death, place of death, and utilization of specialist palliative care services among 247 deceased patients

CharacteristicConservative CareRRTP Value for Difference Between Groupsa
Cause of death<0.001
 Renal failure212900
 Withdrawal of RRT114526
 Otherb or unrecorded22313721
Place of death<0.001
 Nursing home91363
 Main residence/home9122313
Received specialist palliative care<0.001
 Yes (documented)41574526
Among 86 patients receiving palliative care
 Context of initial palliative care consultation<0.001
  Inpatient acute care episode12293373
  Outpatient referral29711125
 Palliative care service type0.03
  Joint nephrology/palliative care service718716
  Existing regular palliative care service33802964
 Palliative care personnel involved in delivering care (more than one can be selected)c
  Palliative care physician36882760<0.001
  Palliative care nurse (hospital)194622490.004
  Palliative care nurse (community)17411227<0.001
 Duration of palliative care from first consultation to death0.001
  <1 wk6151942
  1 wk to 1 mo11271840
  1–3 mo102449
  3–6 mo81937
  >6 mo61512
  • Percentages presented are column percentages. GP, general practitioner (primary care physician).

  • a Fisher exact test or Pearson chi–squared test for difference between groups.

  • b Other causes of death include respiratory; other services include nephrology team and medical/nursing team in regional hospital.

  • c Percentages add to >100, because multiple categories can be selected.

  • d Other personnel includes renal supportive care clinical nurse consultant, general medical/nursing staff from medical ward in regional hospital, and palliative care social worker.