Table 4.

Multiple ordinal regression of cumulative intermediate cardiovascular end point score at study entry

VariableOdds Ratio95% Confidence IntervalP Value
CAKUT diagnosis1.591.09 to 2.330.02
Time since CKD diagnosis, yr0.940.90 to 0.980.002
BMI SDS1.321.15 to 1.51<0.001
Systolic BP SDS1.371.20 to 1.56<0.001
Serum phosphorus, mmol/L1.831.16 to 2.89<0.01
Hemoglobin, g/dl0.830.74 to 0.920.001
  • The score comprised left ventricular mass index, carotid intima-media thickness, and central pulse wave velocity exceeding the 95th percentile. The variables included in the model after stepwise selection are presented. Supplemental Table 6 shows the full model. CAKUT, congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract; BMI, body mass index; SDS, SD score.