Table 3.

Survey details for the eight conservative care patients who commenced dialysis within the 3-year follow-up period

Treatment SummarySurvival Status at 3 yrSurvival Duration After Initiation of Dialysis, d
47-yr-old Woman: initially chose conservative care; started APD and then HD; continues on HDAlive1067
71-yr-old Man: initially chose conservative care; however, after several hospital admissions, family insisted on dialysis; changed to center HDAlive797
60-yr-old Woman: bipolar disorder; refused all treatment initially but did not want discussions about end-of-life care; had PD catheter inserted but later commenced center HD (time-limited trial)Alive638
80-yr-old Woman: physician started APD; patient withdrew from therapy (time-limited trial)Deceased3
75-yr-old Woman: started acute HD in ICU for symptom managementDeceased7
71-yr-old Man: commenced HD when he became unwell; cognitively impaired but adamant about wanting dialysis (time-limited trial)Deceased118
85-yr-old Man: admitted from ICU; commenced center HD for symptom management; commenced dialysisDeceased426
74-yr-old Woman: commenced HD for symptom management; MI on dialysisDeceased536
  • APD, automated peritoneal dialysis; HD, hemodialysis; PD, peritoneal dialysis; ICU, intensive care unit; MI, myocardial infarction.