Table 4.

Associations of histopathologic characteristics with kidney function at biopsy

Pathologic CharacteristicseGFR at Biopsy, ml/min per 1.73 m2
Unadjusted CoefficientP ValueAdjusted CoefficientaP Value
Proportion of globally sclerotic glomeruli−0.850.031.350.07
Interstitial fibrosis−15.70.28
Interstitial inflammation−28.30.04−15.30.26
Tubular damage−21.40.17
Foot process effacement−34.20.04−32.40.03
  • Coefficient indicates the change in eGFR (milliliters per minute per 1.73 m2) with proportion of globally sclerotic glomeruli or the difference in eGFR among those with versus without each other characteristic.

  • a A multivariate model was used to assess the independence of pathologic characteristics (proportion of globally sclerotic glomeruli, interstitial inflammation, and foot process effacement) that were associated with eGFR in the univariate model. Age was also adjusted in the same model, which included the above-mentioned characteristics.