Table 2.

Dialysis access creation and initiation during the 3-year follow-up period among 102 patients who chose conservative care at study baseline

CharacteristicnPercent95% Confidence Interval, %
First dialysis access createda
 Fistula/vascular catheter772 to 12
 Peritoneal dialysis catheter331 to 8
 No access858376 to 90
 Unknown772 to 12
Dialysis commenced
 Yes883 to 13
 No878577 to 91
 Unrecorded772 to 12
Primary reason for commencement of dialysis
 Symptom management45022 to 78
 Time-limited trial of dialysis33814 to 69
 Emergency/intensive care unit admission1122 to 47
  • a Dialysis access was created for ten of 102 patients; eight of these patients commenced dialysis.