Table 1.

Procedural training requirements for fellows and training programs in the United States

ProcedureACGME RequirementsABIM Requirements
NTHC insertionTrainees must show competence in insertion of NTHCs; trainees must show knowledge of the principles of acute dialysis access with respect to techniques, indications, and potential complicationsTrainees must be competent to insert NTHCs
PKBTrainees must show competence in performing PKBs of both native and transplant kidneysTrainees must be competent to perform PKBs of both native and transplant kidneys
General requirementsTrainees are expected to develop skills and habits to obtain procedure–specific informed consent by competently educating patients about the rationale, technique, and complications of proceduresNA
  • ACGME, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education; ABIM, American Board of Internal Medicine; NTHC, nontunneled (temporary) hemodialysis catheter; PKB, percutaneous kidney biopsy; NA, not applicable.