Table 6.

Risk prediction scores for stroke in patients with CKD

StudyScorePopulation Studiedc-Statistic
Banerjee et al., (38)CHADS2CKD0.64 (0.61–0.67)
Banerjee et al., (38)CHA2DS2-VAScCKD0.64 (0.62–0.67)
Chao et al., (39)CHADS2ESRD undergoing RRT0.608
Chao et al., (39)CHA2DS2-VAScESRD undergoing RRT0.682
Piccini et al., (36)R2CHADS2CKD, creatinine clearance >30 ml/min0.672 (0.651–0.692)
Bautista et al., (36)R2CHADS2CKD, eGFR<30 ml/min per 1.73 m20.631
  • Values given are 95% confidence interval. C-statistic with 95% confidence interval, if available.

  • CHADS2, congestive heart failure, hypertension, anemia, diabetes mellitus and stroke.