Table 1.

Mean±SD change in 24-hour urine ion excretion in the dose-finding study by collection analysis (preplanned and sensitivity)

Analysis PeriodPlacebo, n=7Patiromer Dose, g/d
2.5, n=612.6, n=625.2, n=650.4, n=6
7-d Preplanned analysis (days 5–11 versus 13–19)
 uK, mga−255.0±517.3−1.9±136.3−531.1±233.7−1140.3±316.1b−1950.9±276.6c
 uNa, mga−66.4±177.2106.8±199.128.5±96.7−224.5±144.6−618.8±707.9
 uMg, mga−4.7±10.3−5.1±16.1−33.7±6.9c−44.9±1.3c−61.7±10.4c
 uCa, mga7.5±19.324.3±16.152.5±27.1b72.9±23.4c158.9±64.5c
 uP, mga−1.0±71.620.5±41.2−2.9±50.3−64.0±39.9−109.9±60.8d
4-d Sensitivity analysis (days 8–11 versus 16–19)
 uK, mga−197.3±617.78.1±210.2−687.4±258.2−1274.0±385.6b−2192.1±292.7c
 uNa, mg−84.6±220.781.5±249.5−34.5±149.9−152.4±197.4−935.3±1332.7
 uMg, mga−9.2±13.17.2±23.9−45.4±4.6c−48.7±14.3c−75.5±9.8c
 uCa, mga3.0±17.322.7±19.764.3±41.3b67.9±26.3c141.7±57.0c
 uP, mga10.1±71.143.0±60.2−61.8±45.3−60.0±51.1−159.2±107.3b
  • uK, urine potassium; uNa, urine sodium; uMg, urine magnesium; uCa, urine calcium; uP, urine phosphate.

  • a P<0.01 for overall test of patiromer dose differences from ANOVA.

  • b P<0.01 for pairwise comparison versus placebo from t test.

  • c P<0.001 for pairwise comparison versus placebo from t test.

  • d P<0.02 for pairwise comparison versus placebo from t test.