Table 3.

Incidence rates for heart failure events in a CKD cohort according to case-identification algorithm

VariableEstimated HF EventsPerson-YearsRate (95% CI), per 1000 Person-YearsEvents Identified, %a
Diagnosis-code only events
 Principal diagnosis hospitalizations40341,0759.8 (8.9 to 10.8)33
Events estimated from validation results
 Principal diagnosis hospitalizations39241,0859.5 (8.7 to 10.5)28
 Principal and secondary diagnosis hospitalizations111940,20227.8 (25.9 to 29.9)80
 Hospitalizations and outpatient139939,77035.2 (33.1 to 37.4)100
  • For events estimated from validation results, the number of events, person-time, and incidence rates were averaged across 100 datasets that estimated HF events from hospitalizations and outpatient encounters with HF diagnosis codes, based on the positive predicted values in Table 2. Follow-up was censored at the time of a first estimated HF event, death, or the end of the study. HF, heart failure; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.

  • a Percentage of HF events estimated by the most comprehensive algorithm that included all HF hospitalization and outpatient HF encounters.