Table 2.

Mycophenolic acid pharmacokinetic studies

ParametersN (%)Median (IQR)
No. of MPA-AUCs140 (100)
No. of AUCs per patient
 1 MPA-AUC61 (64)
 2 MPA-AUC23 (24)
 ≥3 MPA-AUC11 (12)
Time between MPA-AUC, mo
 From start of MMF to MPA-AUC1, n=956 (2–15)
 From MPA-AUC1 to MPA-AUC2, n=349 (5–15)
 From MPA-AUC2 to MPA-AUC3, n=119 (6–12)
MMF dosage at MPA-AUC1, mg/m2 per d1183 (1050–1260)
MMF dosage at MPA-AUC2, mg/m2 per d1110 (954–1374)
MMF dosage at MPA-AUC3, mg/m2 per d884 (751–1200)
MPA-AUC value, mg·h/L51.1 (37.8–63.6)
Associated steroid therapy at time of AUC103 (74)
Steroid dosage at time of AUC, mg/m2 per d10 (4–22)
  • IQR, interquartile range; MPA, mycophenolic acid; AUC, area under the concentration-time curve; MMF, mycophenolate mofetil.