Table 1.

Demographic and clinical characteristics of respondents and all primary care physicians in Alberta

Characteristic, n (%)Respondents, n=409All Primary Care Physicians in AB, n=4521
 Men252 (61.6)2609 (57.7)
Age, yr
 <40102 (24.9)N/A
 40–60256 (62.6)N/A
 >6545 (11.0)N/A
 No response6 (1.5)N/A
Years practicing in primary care
 <10127 (31.1)1932 (42.7)
 10–2081 (19.8)1169 (25.9)
 >20201 (49.1)1420 (31.4)
Percentage of time in clinical practice
 <2517 (4.2)N/A
 25–5013 (3.2)N/A
 >50374 (91.4)N/A
 No response5 (1.2)N/A
Location of main clinical practice
 North zone48 (11.7)344 (7.6)
 Edmonton zone95 (23.2)1509 (33.4)
 Central zone54 (13.2)434 (9.6)
 Calgary zone163 (39.9)1927 (42.6)
 South zone49 (12.0)307 (6.8)
Population size of main clinical practice
 Large/medium278 (68.0)3464 (76.6)
 Small/rural131 (32.0)1057 (23.4)
Practice interest in geriatrics or care of the elderly258 (63.1)N/A
Percentage of patients ages ≥75 yr old
 <25141 (34.5)N/A
 25–50175 (42.8)N/A
 >5088 (21.5)N/A
 No response5 (1.2)N/A
Referral of patients to nephrology
 Always237 (57.9)N/A
 Sometimes152 (37.20)N/A
 Never17 (4.2)N/A
 No response3 (0.7)N/A
Referral of patients to palliative care
 Always47 (11.5)N/A
 Sometimes230 (56.2)N/A
 Never127 (31.1)N/A
 No response5 (1.2)N/A
  • Practice interest in the care of the elderly or geriatrics was on the basis of clinical practice interests reported by respondents and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. Medium/large population center: consisting of a population of >30,000 people; small population center/rural area: consisting of a population of <29,999 people. Referral questions are on the basis of patients ages ≥75 years old with eGFR≤15 ml/min per 1.73 m2 not planning on initiating dialysis. AB, Alberta; N/A, not available.