Table 2.

Cultural competency communication skills and examples (2123)

Communication Task and Communication StrategyExample
Understand the patient’s experience
 Rapport building/ask about the patient as a personCan you tell me about your life? Where were you born and raised? How has your experience been coming to a new country?
 Invite curiosityAs your clinician, what would be helpful for me to know about you and your life?
 Assess how the patient interprets her conditionWhat do you think has caused your kidney problems?
Giving information
 Assess for health knowledge needsWhat is your understanding of your condition?
 Ask what kinds of information desiredSome people want to know everything about their medical condition, whereas others may not. Do you have a preference?
 Give information concisely without medical jargon and check in for understandingTo ensure that I did a good job in giving you information, can you tell me what you will take away from this visit?
Determine patient involvement in medical decision making
 Assess decision-making preferencesHow would you like decisions to be made about your health care?
 Determine the patient’s preferred decision makerWho is the person that you trust to help make medical decisions if you were unable to do so?
Understand the patients beliefs and values
 Ask about what is important to the patient and loved onesAs we talk about how best to care for you, what you are hoping for? What concerns you most?
 Address spiritual concernsFaith can be a source of strength. Can you tell me about your faith?
Address trust concerns
 Be transparent; avoid judgement and defensivenessSome people are uncomfortable discussing their health with a clinician from a different background. Please feel comfortable sharing with me your concerns
 Explore experienceWhen it comes to your health, have you ever felt that you have been treated unfairly?
Address resource/needs
 Actively inquire about ways to support the patient and familyWhat kinds of support would be helpful to you and your family?
 Actively assess for concerns about the planWhat concerns do you have about this plan?