Table 2.

Mean±SD change in 24-hour urine ion excretion in the dosing regimen study averaged across dosing regimens by collection analysis (preplanned and sensitivity)

Analysis PeriodPatiromer at 25.2 g/d Averaged across Dosing RegimensP Valuea
4-d Preplanned analysis (days 1–4 versus 19–22)
 uK, mg−1462.1±274.3<0.001
 uNa, mg−463.2±581.70.02
 uMg, mg−39.1±20.0<0.001
 uCa, mg73.5±38.8<0.001
 uP, mg−143.5±138.1<0.01
2-d Sensitivity analysis (days 3 and 4 versus 21 and 22)
 uK, mg−1800.2±312.7<0.001
 uNa, mg−80.5±636.00.32
 uMg, mg−49.5±17.8<0.001
 uCa, mg83.3±40.4<0.001
 uP, mg−109.3±134.5<0.02
  • uK, urine potassium; uNa, urine sodium; uMg, urine magnesium; uCa, urine calcium; uP, urine phosphate.

  • a From one–sample t test to determine if the mean change from baseline is significantly different from zero.