Table 2.

Incidence of nephrotic syndrome in Toronto (Census Metropolitan Area), Ontario, Canada per 100,000 children between 1 and 18 years of age

IncidenceaEuropeanSouth AsianEast/Southeast AsianOtherbTotal
 Population, n483,130129,585134,655357,4351,104,805
 Patients with new cases of nephrotic syndrome, n1022822
 Incidence rate ratioReference0.750.721.08NA
 95% Confidence intervalNA0.08 to 3.500.08 to 3.370.37 to 3.04NA
 Population, n445,820175,570157,665381,9651,161,020
 Patients with new cases of nephrotic syndrome, n577726
 Incidence rate ratioReference3.553.961.63NA
 95% Confidence intervalNA0.97 to 14.211.08 to 15.820.45 to 6.53NA
 Population, n417,385195,865165,370432,0151,210,635
 Patients with new cases of nephrotic syndrome, n103131357
 Incidence rate ratioReference6.610.761.26NA
 95% Confidence intervalNA3.16 to 15.100.13 to 2.940.51 to 3.20NA
  • NA, not applicable.

  • a Patients with new cases of nephrotic syndrome from April 1 of the preceding year to March 31 of the census year.

  • b Includes individuals classified as West Central Asian/Middle Eastern, West Indian/Caribbean and African, Latin/Central/South American, Aboriginal, multiethnic, and unknown.