Table 4.

Early sonographic parameters associated with maturation failure

ParameterMaturationP Value
Failed, n=8Successful, n=51
Inflow artery volume flow at 2 wk, ml/min, median (IQR)299 (207–370)431 (342–556)0.01a
Anastomosis diameter at 2 wk, mm3.68±0.604.53±1.09b0.04
Cephalic vein diameter (just distal to the anastomosis site) at 2 wk, mm3.94±0.784.49±1.120.19
Cephalic vein volume flow (just distal to the anastomosis site) at 2 wk, ml/min357±160531±200c0.02
  • Association between the maturation status at 8 weeks and sonographic parameters at 2 weeks was assessed only in the routine duplex group. Values are means±SD unless otherwise indicated. IQR, interquartile range.

  • a P value by the Mann–Whitney U test.

  • b Data for the anastomosis diameter were missing for three patients.

  • c Data for cephalic vein volume flow just distal to the anastomosis site were missing for two patients.