Table 1.

Clinical and vascular sonographic features of the study population

No. of patients125
Patient demographics and comorbidities
 Age, yr, mean ±SD52.9±14.3
 Women, N (%)57 (45.6%)
 Black race, N (%)84 (67.2%)
 Diabetes, N (%)64 (51.2%)
 History of hypertension, N (%)113 (90.4%)
 History of congestive heart failure, N (%)21 (16.8%)
 History of coronary artery disease, N (%)16 (12.8%)
 History of peripheral vascular disease, N (%)13 (10.4%)
 History of cerebrovascular disease, N (%)12 (9.6%)
Ultrasound measurementsa
 Preoperative arterial diameter, mm, median [IQR]3.7 [2.8–4.7]
 Preoperative venous diameter, mm, median [IQR]3.5 [2.8–4.7]
 Postoperative AVF venous diameter, mm, median [IQR]4.8 [3.7–6.8]
 Postoperative AVF blood flow rate, ml/min, median [IQR]796 [413–1036]
  • IQR, interquartile range; AVF, arteriovenous fistula.

  • a Postoperative ultrasound measurements were performed in 98 patients and imputed in an additional 13 patients, in whom the AVF was patent 6 weeks postoperatively but the ultrasound was not performed.