Table 1.

Baseline characteristics and geriatric impairments

Baseline CharacteristicsStudy Setting and DesignGeriatric Impairments Assessed
AuthorsYear of PublicationNo. of PatientsAge, yr (SD/range)Dialysis ModalitySettingPlanned Start OnlyExclusion CriteriaP/RMedian/Mean Follow-Up, moaCognitionMoodADLPerformanceMobilityNutritionFrailty
Inclusion at initiation of dialysis
 Alfaadhel et al. (17)201539063 (15)HD, PDMonocenterAKI, dialysis <1 wk in own dialysis centerP20 (11–34)b+
 Arai et al. (18)201420280 (4)HD, PDMonocenterNoneR6c+
 Chandna et al. (22)199929261 (18–92)HD, PDMonocenterAKIP+
 Churchill et al. (43)199668054 (18–82)PDMulticenterxEarly deaths/transplant (<6 mo), HIV, hepatitis B positive, active inflammatory diseaseP24c++
 Couchoud et al. (25)d,e2009250081 (4)HD, PDDatabase (REIN 2002–2006)Acute renal failure, <75 yr oldR6c++
 Couchoud et al. (26)d201512,50081 (?)HD, PDDatabase (REIN 2005–2012)Acute renal failure, <75 yr oldR3c++
 Doi et al. (28)201568869 (59–77)HDMulticenter (UMINCTR)xNo predialysis care, withdrawal within 1 yr, eGFR>10 at start of dialysisR12c+
 Genestier et al. (29)200912281 (4)PDMonocenterx≤75 yr oldR18 (?)++++
 Jassal et al. (31)19969965 (41–90)HDMonocenterAKIP?++++
 Joly et al. (33)f200310782 (3)HDMonocenterPatients <80 yr old, AKIP100c+
 Kim et al. (34)g201441072 (5)HD, PDDatabase (CRC for ESRD)AKI, <65 yrR60c++
 Mauri et al. (38)d2008345565 (14)HDDatabase (RMRC)No minimum follow-up of 1 yrR12c+
 Rakowski et al. (40)2006272,02463(?)HD, PDDatabase (USRDS 1995–1999)NoneR24c++
 Soucie et al. (41)d199615,24557 (16)HD, PDDatabase (Network 6)Nonwhite or black patientsR3c++
 Thamer et al. (42)201552,79677 (7)HD, PDDatabase (USRDS 2009–2010)Did not have 2-yr previous Medicare claims history, <67 yr oldR6c+
Inclusion after initiation of dialysis
 Bao et al. (19)2012157660 (14)HD, PDDatabase USRDS 2005–2007AKIR35 (?)+
 Boulware et al. (20)2006917? (19–95)HD, PDDatabase (CHOICE Study)xNoneR18 (2–24)b+
 Chilcot et al. (23)201116057 (16)HD, PDThree centersxNo visual, physical, or cognitive (MMSE<22) impairmentP17 (2–34)++
 Chan et al. (21)201216765 (14)HD, PDMonocenterxAKI, early transplant, early transfer other unitR53 (23–83)+
 Chung et al. (24)200921954(13)PDMonocenterxNoneP23 (±10)+
 Diefenthaeler et al. (27)20084055 (15)HDMonocenterxMMSE<18, blindness, illiteracyP11 (5–22)+
 Honda et al. (30)200732853 (12)HD, PDMonocenterx≥70 yr old, overt infection, acute vasculitis, liver diseaseP21 (1–72)+
 Johansen et al. (32)2007227558 (16)HD, PDDatabase (Dialysis Wave II Study)NoneR12c+
 Lacson et al. (35)2012641562 (15)HDMulticenter (FMCNA)NoneR12c+
 Lacson et al. (36)h2013877662 (15)HDMulticenter (FMCNA)NoneR12c+
 Lopez Revuelta et al. (37)200431860 (?)HDMulticenterAKI, severe physical or psychiatric impairmentsP26 (0–42)+
 McClellan et al. (39)199129457 (15)HD, PDMulticenterNoneP16 (1–19)++
  • P, prospective cohort study; R, retrospective cohort study; ADL, activity of daily living; HD, hemodialysis; PD, peritoneal dialysis; +, addressing this geriatric impairment; REIN, Ramipril Efficacy in Nephropathy; ?, not reported; UMINCTR, University Hospital Medical Information Network Clinical Trials Registry; CRC for ESRD, Clinical Research Center for End Stage Renal Disease; RMRC, Registre de Malalts Renals de Catalunya; USRDS, US Renal Database System; CHOICE, Choices for Healthy Outcomes in Caring for; MMSE, Mini Mental State Examination; FMCNA, Fresenius Medical Care North America.

  • a If mean is reported, SD is in parentheses; if median is reported, range is in parentheses.

  • b Interquartile range instead of range.

  • c Total study follow-up.

  • d Data of development/training cohort only.

  • e Small overlap of patients of the two cohorts in works by Couchoud et al. (25,26) (years 2005–2006, with a maximum potentially overlap of 20%).

  • f Data of the dialysis cohort only.

  • g Data of the ≥65 years old cohort only. Early deaths (unless otherwise described) are <3 months.

  • h Important overlap of the two cohorts in the works by Lacson et al. (35,36).