Table 2.

Cutoff levels and areas under the curve of receiver operating characteristic curves for selected biomarkers as classifiers of the presence of clinically overt cardiovascular disease at baseline and all-cause mortality, respectively, in 543 patients with stage 5 CKD initiating dialysis therapy

VariableCVDAll-Cause Mortality
Cutoff LevelAUC (SEM)Cutoff LevelAUC (SEM)
Age, yr, n=543580.76 (0.01)590.74 (0.01)
IL-6, pg/ml, n=5027.00.70 (0.02)6.70.70 (0.01)
TnT, μg/L, n=3940.050.67 (1.05)0.060.66 (0.92)
IGF-1, μg/ml, n=3751630.66 (0.01)1550.72 (0.01)
hsCRP, mg/L, n=5435.30.64 (0.01)6.40.66 (0.01)
sVCAM-1, ng/ml, n=32913550.63 (0.01)13560.64 (0.01)
sICAM-1, ng/ml, n=322490.62 (0.01)2490.64 (0.01)
Orosomucoid, g/L, n=3931.10.59 (0.25)1.10.57 (0.26)
Albumin, g/dl, n=5433.30.58 (0.02)3.30.64 (0.02)
WBC, 103/μl, n=5217.70.58 (0.03)8.00.64 (0.03)
TNF, pg/ml, n=46112.20.56 (0.01)12.10.52 (0.01)
eGFR, ml/min per 1.73 m2, n=4977.00.56 (0.03)6.90.51 (0.03)
PLT, 103/μl, n=4972530.54 (0.01)2610.60 (0.01)
Ferritin, ng/ml, n=5311270.50 (0.01)1220.53 (0.01)
  • The order of variables is according to AUC for classification of the presence of CVD. CVD, cardiovascular disease; AUC, area under the curve; TnT, troponin T; hsCRP, high–sensitivity C–reactive protein; sVCAM-1, soluble vascular cellular adhesion molecule 1; sICAM-1, soluble intracellular adhesion molecule; WBC, white blood cell; PLT, platelet count.