Table 4.

Trait discrimination analysis of type 2 diabetes– and ESRD–associated single–nucleotide polymorphisms in the Affymetrix Axiom Biobank Genotyping Array samples

GeneSNPMinor AlleleSubgroupsN Patients/ControlsMAF Patients/ControlsP ValueOR95% CI
LRP2rs17848169CPatients with T2D-ESRD versus healthy controls1997/9760.005/0.0100.020.540.32 to 0.90
LRP2rs17848169CPatients with T2D-ESRD versus T2D only controls1997/6030.005/0.0080.160.580.27 to 1.25
LRP2rs17848169CPatients with T2D only versus healthy controlsa662/11400.008/0.0110.400.750.39 to 1.45
CUBNrs1801239CPatients with T2D-ESRD versus healthy controls1993/9750.031/0.0250.241.180.90 to 1.55
CUBNrs1801239CPatients with T2D-ESRD versus T2D only controls1993/6070.031/0.0220.041.571.03 to 2.40
CUBNrs1801239CPatients with T2D only versus healthy controlsa666/11380.023/0.0240.780.940.63 to 1.42
  • SNP, single-nucleotide polymorphism; MAF, minor allele frequency; OR, odds ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; LRP2, megalin; T2D, type 2 diabetes; CUBN, cubilin.

  • a Adjusted for age, sex, and African ancestry proportion; other comparisons included apolipoprotein L1 adjustment. Sample numbers varied because of missing apolipoprotein L1 genotypes.